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I try to use only fabrics that I have previously collected, dyed, recycled or purchased in the past. My style is to college or piece the fabrics together based on how they relate to one another. The fabrics tell me which ones they want to sit next to on the pattern. Each pillow is unique and tells a story based on the fabric. One of my previous collections of pillows was based on Feng Shui Principles, specifically the Three Harmonies. 

Jacquard Weaving

As part of my thesis project while at Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, now called Jefferson University, I created a collection of jacquards and hand woven fabrics based on a road trip I took with a dear friend around the United States. We rode our bikes from Minneapolis to St. Louis along the Mississippi River and then drove South along the River to New Orleans. We made our way to San Francisco and LA with a week long stop to the Havasupi Indian reservation in the Grand Canyon. We enjoyed the expansive horizon and took amazing photos along the way. The photos and scenery I observed inspired this collection called "Fields and Grasses". My professor called the pieces simple and common which bothered me at the time, however after some years of life and experience, I love the simplicity of them. 


Hand Loom Weaving

Boro Stitching

Hand Made Cards

Eye Pillows

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Frame Loom Weaving

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