Artist Statement

Minneapolis Fiber Artist specializing

Boro & Sustainability using

Vintage Japanese Fabrics 

I crave balance. For 20+ I have been working as a designer in the apparel and home furnishings industry. Most of my work is done with a computer, both 2D and 3D. My real passion is textiles. By day I work on a computer, by night you will find me working in my studio either dyeing fabric, collaging, sewing or hand stitching textiles. This is my way of balancing my day.

Eastern culture and philosophy are my main influences. Currently, I am inspired by Japanese Boro Cloth. Boro cloth is literally scraps or rags of fabric that are mended and patched together to create a new or repaired piece of cloth. Boro cloth has so many influences that I incorporate into my work such as sustainability, tradition, history and storytelling all with a sense of humility. 

Utilizing only vintage or repurposed fabrics is my way of being sustainable. I create a new piece of fabric from combining vintage Japanese fabrics and contemporary indigo & resist dyed fabrics. I do not purchase any new fabric and try to only use repurposed fabric.

Using traditional techniques such as indigo dyeing, shibori resist (arashi, itajame) and sashiko stitching honors tradition. Understanding the history of where my vintage pieces of fabric derived allows me to tell a story of the fabric.

My craving for balance is fulfilled in my work by combining old and new textiles, utilizing craft and contemporary methods. My work has a chaotic mindfulness. It is chaotic in the sense that there are several patterned fabric pieces overlaying other fabric, yet it is balanced by the mindful rhythmic rows of sashiko stitching.

My work reflects a progression from creating pillows for home décor to small wall hangings and ultimately larger scale pieces.

I have an endless desire to learn, explore and grow. This journey will take me to Eastern countries where I will research, study, be inspired and ultimately create and share contemporary textiles. This to me has meaning and value. I want to inspire people to use what they have and make something new. Tell a story. Repurpose and be more sustainable.