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Artist Statement

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I combine my love of nature and spirituality to inspire my textiles. I teach classes on many textiles techniques such as Boro stitching, weaving and embroidery.

I love to observe the beauty of nature and am inspired by the many sounds, patterns and textures that surround me. I get a sense of stillness and tap into my inner spirituality when I am hand crafting. 


I try to incorporate sustainability into my work by reusing what I already have. Currently, I have been creating a lot of work based on Boro Cloths of Japan. Boro cloth is literally scraps or rags of fabric that are mended and patched together to create a new or repaired piece of cloth. I have also been using branches found in nature to use as a loom to weave in my stash of yarn. 


I enjoy making mini fabric studies or patches that can be used to decorate a wall or sew onto a another project such as a pillow or tote bag. I love making pillows with my large stash of fabrics. I am never without a project to work on. In fact, like many textile enthusiasts, I have too many! 


I live in Bloomington, MN and teach at a few local schools in the Midwest. I have two beautiful boys and a lovely dog who keep me busy. My life is full of love, joy and plenty of spontaneity.   

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