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Craving Connection and Creativity? 

Introducing Craft & Chat 


Make time for Creativity and Connection


The idea is that you make something (knit, crochet, quilt, stitch...) and at the same time connect via video chat to others making something. Dedicate time to craft and connect. All crafters welcome. You only need your own materials and a smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera.


All levels welcome!




Every Thursday 5:15pm BST, 11:15am CDT

Every other Saturday 5:00pm BST, 9amPDT, 11am CDT, 12 noon EDT

Every other Saturday 9am BST, 5pm JST, 8pm NZST




E-Mail: calling.creatives@gmail.com with the best e-mail address to contact you with or leave a comment!

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Due to Covid-19 all regular classes are cancelled

Teaching classes inspired by Japanese Boro cloth. Sustainability. Visible Mending. Wellness. Vintage Japanese fabrics. 

Sustainability out of necessity. 


Boro, a Japanese word meaning broken. Boro fabric has evolved from Northern Japan farmers created astonishing textiles out of rags using only what they already had. 


In my courses students will review a history of Boro, learn patching, collaging and stitching techniques to mend and repair your own garment or piece of cloth or create something new.


We will discuss trending movements such as visible mending, sustainability and wellness.


Students will have access to my vintage Japanese fabrics.  

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