Intro to Boro Fabrics

Monday, Feb. 10



Learn the Basics of Boro 

Boro is a textile aesthetic originally created out of necessity, in which small scraps of precious fabric are carefully stitched together to create a larger cloth or repaired garment. Learn a brief history of boro, and then create your own boro cloth or repaired garment. Explore techniques for collaging your precious fabrics, discover the difference between sashiko and a running stitch, and design your own 6"x8"″ swatch inspired by Japanese Boro fabrics. Bring a scissors if you have one. Materials fee $20, payable to the instructor.

Image is of student work 


Using Boro to repair a beloved garment or piece of cloth

Dive deep into sustainability and repair a beloved garment or piece of cloth inspired by Boro.


Boro, a Japanese term meaning “broken,” has evolved to Boro Fabric – torn, tattered and repaired.


Utilize your own precious fabric scraps or my vintage Japanese fabrics to repair or mend a beloved garment or fabric. In this 3.5 hour course students will learn the history of Boro and dive deep into ways to be be sustainable.


Prior Boro class recommended